• Wed. Mar 22nd, 2023
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Sweep, helping giants to manage their carbon emissions, has raised $22 million. With the increasing rate of global climate issues from businesses, as per reports from the United Nations Climate Change Conference, companies have pressure to address the severe environmental impact. BlackRock said that Sweep’s new aim was sustainability. sweep francebased 22m balderton capitalsawersventurebeat.

CDP, or carbon disclosure project, said that only half of global banks checked climate impact analysis. As per the report of Boston Consulting Group, more than 90% of organizations cannot qualify the carbon emission efficiently. It is mainly because the scope 3 emission is a challenging task. This is where Sweep wants to play a pivotal role in helping companies measure their gas emission efficiently. sweep francebased 22m capitalsawersventurebeat.

Sweep has APIs to work with, connecting systems and services to provide common data like electricity, land use, travel, and material transportation. The platform can connect climate data and unlock insights from supply chains. The data should give a clear overview of companies’ indirect and direct emissions.


The climate tech giant raised $32 billion in 2021, which is a five-fold increase from 2016. Companies often find it challenging to handle emissions when Coca-Cola’s partner estimated that 93% of greenhouse gas emissions were at scope 3. It shouldn’t stay long, and suitable preventive steps should be taken to control the emissions. sweep francebased 22m series.

Nicolas Raspal and Delacour founded Sweep in 2020 and sold a previous business, Bime Analytics, to Zendesk in 2015. Delacour commented about transparency as a reliable supplier to companies across industries. When the company has been launched in beta in April, it raised $5 million, working with telecommunication giants like Saint Gobain and Orange.  Sweep has $22 million in the bank from investor Balderton Capital, La Famiglia, and New Wave. By the coming years, it can be expected to be well-ramped to fulfil its aspirations.