• Wed. Mar 22nd, 2023
pitch 85m series tiger globalsawersventurebeat

Famous presentation software for collaborative teamwork, Pitch, announced it’s about to raise $85 million in its series B funding round. With this, it announced its latest suite of features to be launched in the coming months or weeks. By this, the company plans to offer the best presentation platform with a complete suite of features. It should stand out as one of a kind. pitch 85m series tiger globalsawersventurebeat.

After the beta launch of Pitch, the Gema company raised $50 million in funding from Slack via Slack Fund and Instagram founders Mike Krieger and Kevin Systrom. During its official launch six months prior, it has many clients, including Grammarly, Notion, Intercom, and Parse.ly. It is evidence of the strong foundation of Pitch before its official market launch. 85m series lakestar globalsawersventurebeat.

Collaborating Big Teams

As per the latest scenario, Pitch has gathered good investors, including Index Ventures, Tiger Global, ThroveCapital, and others, targeting large teams from these giants. Collaboration is an essential function of Pitch, with features like live video chat to discuss edits and content and host meetings. series tiger globalsawersventurebeat.

The software works with its premade templates with an option for customised templates for business use. Pitch is mainly about extensibility and better integration with apps like Google Analytics. It helps the marketing team to get use graphs and charts easily. It can plug into apps like Twitter, YouTube, Google Sheets, Excel and Slack. pitch 85m series globalsawersventurebeat.

Enterprising Plans

Pitch has several plans to revamp its product and reach bigger businesses. The new year brings an all-new plan, serving customers better with its advanced and high-end security features. Since its launch, it has focused on small and mid-sized companies. But by 2022, it is to launch its complete suits for big enterprises as well, as has been told by its CEO Christian Reber to VentureBeat. It will benefit large workspaces, allowing better handling of analytics and improved engagement levels.