• Thu. Jun 8th, 2023
mavrck influencer index 120m summit partnerslundentechcrunch

Mavrck, the leading marketing platform, announced its collaboration with Later for business owners. The combination raised $135 million for strategy investment by equity investor Summit Partner, which has been followed by a $120 million investment in 2021 by Mavrck. Later and Mavrck is trying to capitalize on significant opportunities for social ecommerce giants. mavrck influencer index 120m summit partnerslundentechcrunch.

Handling Measurement for Business Impact

As influencer marketing is growing at a CAGR of 30%, it will spend $85 billion by 2028, as per Research and Markets. Social analytics and metrics play a vital role and help influencer marketers develop meaningful measurements for business. By using effective data-driven insights, it can improve collaboration and monetization among the leading global brands. mavrck influencer index summit partnerslundentechcrunch.

Mavrck and Later are trying to bridge the gap between creators and markets that adds value to a brand. It is to create an ecosystem of trust by offering suitable data and transparent service to the customers, as has been stated by the CEO and Co-Founder of Mavrck.

Adding Later’s social insights to Mavrck will assist brands in searching for creators easily and drive in better that fit a brand perfectly. Creators bring significant changes for brands, converting consumers to action and facilitating collaboration with global brands. mavrck influencer 120m summit partnerslundentechcrunch.

Drive in leads and consumers for big brands

The brand spending by Mavrck since 2020 has gone by 114%, which indicates the growth of influencer marketing. As commented by eMarketers, Mavrck tries to help the creator class monetize with creative passions so that it can easily connect with global brands and deliver the best service to its targeted group. Today, both Mavrck and Later can empower the ecosystem to deliver the best to the creator class, harnessing the power of online marketing. Managing Director at Summit Partners, Michael Medici, commented that big brands are trying to implement the best strategies, as shown by Later and Mavrck. influencer summit partnerslundentechcrunch.